Enjoy the Serenity of Running Water

Water features are one of Rockland County’s most popular outdoor landscape design elements, whether they be stand-alone or as part of landscaping project associated with a swimming pool.

Steve Botto Landscaping has long been a fan of water features and we’ve helped many Rocklanders add serenity to their outdoor living spaces by adding pondless waterfalls, ponds, riverbeds, and fountains.

Steve Botto Landscaping specializes in the design, construction or conversion to pondless waterfalls.  These waterfalls feature no visible reservoir of water, just a waterfall feature, a great space saver.  If you’re interested in adding a water feature to your landscaping, but have limited space, talk to us about a pondless waterfall.

Water Features

  • "Las Vegas" style waterfalls (weir stone set high above reservoir for ultimate splash)
  • Pool waterfalls
  • Bridge construction and installation
  • Cascading stream features


Steve Botto Inc. Landscaping is certified by Firestone for PondGard rubber liner (EDPM) installation and seaming.