Steve Botto has been committed to horticulture and outdoor design for as long as he can remember.

Rockland’s population has grown more than 20% since we got involved coaxing beautiful annual and perennial plantings from the ground.  When we started, it was common to pass local farms and farmstands as you made your way across the county.  We know, we worked at those farms.

We’ve been working the soil of Rockland County for more than 35 years.  

In that time, we’ve remained focused on what’s important - like showing up on time and making your happiness our barometer for success.  We'll give you the guidance and insight that only a company doing this job, right here in Rockland, for all this time, can offer.



Rockland Born

Our founder, Steve Botto is a lifelong Rockland County resident.  As a local high school kid he worked at New City's Cropsey Farm, a working farm with companion farm stand that many long-time Rocklanders remember. 

It's there where he not only found the love of his life, but his love for the outdoors and working with plants, And it's where he decided to make his passion his career.



Dedicated to Beautifying Rockland

Steve's passion led him to pursue his Bachelor of Science degree in Ornamental Horticulture, specializing in Landscape Design and Architecture from Delaware Valley College.  He knew all along, his goal was to return home to Rockland to start a business dedicated to beautifying Rockland County.

As part of that dedication, he's served as president of the landscapers association for almost 20 years. He's helped connect other businesses in Rockland by being an active member of the New City Rotary where he was elected and served as President in 2013-2014.

Steve's raised his family here too.  With his wife Maria, he's got three kids, Christina, Nick, and Laura

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Experience Makes the Difference

The recent, broad-based excitement in Rockland County around outdoor living and beautiful landscape design is something Steve has seen coming a mile away.

It's his 35 years of experience that makes Steve Botto Landscaping the natural choice for your landscaping and landscaping design projects.

We’ve seen just about everything in landscape design and landscaping. What works, what doesn’t.  We're experts at choosing plant material and construction material based on our experience, use case and product guidelines. 

Mother nature is forever changing and you must be able to learn and adapt.  We've outpaced the competition because we're not afraid to put in the time to research, study and test products and new solutions.

Digital Design (landscape planner) represents a pictorial contract of what I am proposing and what you can expect. A detailed written estimate leaves no questions and comes along with every project.